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Upcoming master classes:

July 19-20, 2024 Music Production Workshop Santa Barbara, CA.

Master Class Training Sessions are live events where Attendees get hands-on, interactive instruction from Alan Parsons on the 'art and science' of sound recording. They follow similar themes to the Art And Science Of Sound Recording videos but as live events they are more in-depth and offer the chance to actually work with Alan Parsons.

MCTS sessions are held in recording studios around the world, including at Alan’s own studio ParSonics in Santa Barbara, CA, and comprise one or two day events

As we head into something approaching normal life again we hope to be holding more master classes in 2022, both at ParSonics and at other studios around the world. In August 2021 we held our first ‘live’ master class in Santa Barbara for over year and both the Video of the class and the Session File are currently on sale in the ASSR shop.


Class Levels

level 1

Level 1

Introduction to recording: approaches and techniques in lecture or seminar form. Half or 1-Day. No prior knowledge required. Level 1 MCTS may be conducted in recording studio or lecture/auditorium locations.

level 2

Level 2

One-Day hands-on sessions with some knowledge of DAW recording required. Suitable for music production / recording students. Live tracking; vocals and basic mixing covered.

level 3

Level 3

Two-Day hands-on sessions with good knowledge of DAW recording and experience as musician, engineer, or producer required. Level 3 events are typically staged at professional recording studios. Attendees get to witness and assist in all stages of a recording session from tracking to overdubs (instrumental and vocal), processing and mixing.

Past MCTS Events

September 15-16 2023

Mystery and Magic at ParSonics

The Rare, the Rad, and the Difficult. Plus Alan and your mix. Read More...

March 3-4 2023

Santa Barbara 'New Song'

Two days, two songs, two singers under the guidance of Alan Parsons at his renown Dolby Atmos studio in Santa Barbara. Read More...

August 5-6 2022

Santa Barbara 5

After an intense day of recording Alan Parsons showcased ParSonics' newly installed Dolby Atmos mixing capability. Read More...

May 31 2015


Peerless playing on some slinky white soul from Chris Siebold at the Windy City’s Rax Trax Recording studios. Read More…

August 13-14 2021

Santa Barbara 4

Alan records and mixes a song written by ASSR co-founder Julian Colbeck and singer James Durbin. This master class was full of suprises. Read More...

MAY 24-25 2015

Mexico City

Three hundred students at MC’s TEC University experience Alan singing and recording cello, though not simultaneously. Read More…

March 6-8 2020

Santa Barbara 3

Day 1-Recording Vocals Alan and David Pack reunite for a special afternoon master class session
Day 2-Mixing It Up Alan reveals secrets in a mixing masterclass in stereo and surround
Day 3-Band Recording Dishwalla tears it up at a live tracking session and more produced by Alan

FEB 1-2 2013

Las Vegas

Alan writes in the studio and Vegas’ crème de la crème of session players never miss a beat. Read More…

October 17-18 2019

Santa Barbara 2

Day 1-Mixing It Up Alan re-examines 3 classic tracks from Amonia Avenue for a mixing master class in stereo and surround
Day 2-Band Recording Alan goes indie with Glen Phillips and Dean Dinnnig from Toad the Wet Sprocket plus star guest multi-instrumentalist Greg Leisz

FEB 11-12 2013


Three songs recorded and mixed in two days and still sounding great. Only in Nashville. Read More…

July 25-27 2019

Santa Barbara

Day 1-A masterclass specifically for educators
Day 2-Mixing It Up-Alan mixes sessions from previous events
Day 3-Life's A Long Song-With a focus on songwriting, arrangement and performance

Dec 8 2012

San Francisco

Sylvia Massy replaces Alan on a Christmas single recording. Priceless pearls of wisdom from La Massy. Read More…

August 10-12 2018


Recording and Relaxation in the heart of the Colorado Rockies. Read More…

May 26 2012


Prog rock and heroics from The Dave Barrett Trio in Canada’s music city. Read More...

March 24-25 2018

Orange County

"Orchestral Maneuvers" was Alan's first full Symphony recording in America, that also featured A-list LA session players Vinnie Colaiuta and Nathan East at Hybrid Studios. Read More…

May 26 2012


800 people swarm into the Teatro Jorge Eliecer Gaitán for this Level 1 extravaganza. Read More…

May 10 2017


Our first MCTS in mainland Europe took place at the legendary Maarweg Studio 2. Read More…

Jul 22-23 2011

Los Angeles

Masters one and all at The Village session with Vinnie, Nathan, Rami, Michael Thompson and PJ Olsson. Read More…

Nov 15 2016


Native son Casey McPherson assembled a fine posse of young guns for the Austin 'Live Music Capital' master class. Read More…

Jun 19 2011


Action-packed single day in one of Mexico’s most musical and magical cities. Read More…

Nov 16-19 2015


Alan Parsons finally got back to London's Abbey Road studios—the location where he trained as a young engineer. Read More…

May 5 2011

Buenos Aires

Vaqueros Paganos kick off the very first Master Class Training Session at the city’s stylish Universidad Nacional de Lanús.

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