We live in a time of great uncertainty. Especially in education for music and the recording arts.

Learning—your instrument, music business, music production—was the land of plenty opportunities until recently. High schools ran extensive courses, every community college ran an orchestra and a recording studio, college degrees are everywhere and for everything. And the world is awash with specialist private schools offering degrees in recording, engineering, production, game audio and more.

Now, however, students are being forced to abandon classes and some schools are being forced to abandon programs. Many High School graduates are, understandably, not taking up places at universities for the academic year 2021. The ‘gap year,’ long popular in Europe, is finally coming of age in North America.

Everyone may feel they have less money but we have more time on their hands because we’re not travelling, working or going on vacation like we used to.

So against this backdrop, we’ve spent the past few months refining a complete suite of new options for the thing we do: Teaching Music Production. No matter what your circumstances, or where you live, one of these options will give you the very best instruction you can get without breaking the bank.

Full Online Course

ASSR Online. Fundamentals of Recording & Music Production

FOR: Individual learners.(Students to ‘weekend warriors.’)

Living on the established Teachable platform, ASSR Online’s Fundamentals of Recording & Music Production is an exciting 100% self-administered course to take in your own space, at your own pace. Over a series of 26 professionally filmed video lesson modules, Alan Parsons, supported by dozens of other recording professionals, gives you a thorough understanding of modern recording. In addition to DAWs and plug-ins, real recording topics are covered: microphones, recording a drum kit, acoustic guitar and vocal and, of course, mixing.

Students will need their own personal DAW (we recommend SoundTrap if you’re looking for an online DAW solution), aside from which, all course materials live in the cloud, from the main video lessons, to music content for study, interaction and remixing, 26 separate assignments, student forums (individual, per lesson module), to testing and final certification. Course content may be downloaded or accessed after.

If you've made any prior purchase of ASSR video material (DVD, downloads, streams) you can offset 100% of that investment against the cost of this course.

Hybrid Online / In-Class

ASSR Complete Music Production Curriculum

FOR: Academic Institutions (High School thru 4-year College).

For schools teaching Recording Arts, Audio Engineering or Music Production classes.

ASSR’s Education License containing the original award-winning Alan Parsons’ Art & Science Of Sound Recording video series can either be installed on workstations in your classroom, or accessed remotely online, direct from the ASSR website or on Canvas.

The videos are supported by an extensive suite of Lesson Plans; one per video module. Click here to download the BASS Lesson FREE. Lesson Plans are linked to instruction shown in the video, integrating 10 professional multitracks produced by Alan Parsons featuring acclaimed musicians such as Nathan East, Simon Phillips, Vinnie Colaiuta, Rami Jaffee. The music files are for students to study, work with, add to and eventually mix or remix.

The course also includes a teachers copy of the award-winning, hardback Alan Parsons’ Art & Science Of Sound Recording—The Book, online testing and a Certification option based on Quiz scores, an Assignment and School Assessment. Instructors may submit two students for Distinction award on their Certificate.

Streaming Video Only

ASSR Videos plus the Online Quizzes

FOR: Academic Institutions (Middle School tbru 4-year College. General Music Programs)

Unlimited streaming of the original award-winning Alan Parsons’ award winning Art & Science Of Sound Recording video series.

If you run a music class, from Music Appreciation, Music Industry /Business, Music Production, Keyboard, Band, Orchestra or Choir, give your students access to the wisdom of internationally renowned engineer, producer and artist Alan Parsons. Alan’s career began with The Beatles at Abbey Road and peppered throughout this series of 24 video modules are stories and interviews that will inspire and inform music students of every stripe—all of whom now have access to some form of recording device and who will be fascinated to watch how it’s done.

The unlimited Streaming access also lets students take a series of 24 online Quizzes and for instructors to monitor results and progress. This provides a simple but powerful layer of interaction between students and instructors.

Certification: Yes.


COST: $395.00

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Certification: Optional.


Cost: $99.00 per seat (+$20 Certification option). Minimum 15 seats.

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Certification: No.


Cost:$32.00 per student or Annual Unlimited Size Class Access: $499.00

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