Song Title Composers Genre  
Give 'Em My Love Julian Colbeck, James Durbin Rock Buy Now
Do You Live At All? Alan Parsons, PJ Olsson, Guy Erez Rock Buy Now
All Our Yesterdays Alan Parsons Rock Buy Now
White Matter Recess Casey McPherson Rock Buy Now
702 Rocker Alan Parsons Rock Buy Now
Lisa's Theme Alan Parsons Rock Buy Now
Dogs Johan Lagerström Pollak Rock Buy Now
The World's A Stage Frank Van Bogaert Rock Buy Now
Belmonte David Barrett Rock Buy Now
I'm Done Chris Sieblod Rock Buy Now
Yo Quiero Alan García, Edgar García Latin Rock Buy Now
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These are not in in-the-box recordings made on someone’s laptop

These are recordings made in some of the world’s greatest studios including Abbey Road,
The Village in Los Angeles and Ocean Way in Nashville.

These are also not your mother’s (or father’s, or brother’s) recordings. They feature internationally renowned session players including Vinnie Colaiuta, Nathan East, Nick Beggs, Tim Pierce, Michael Thompson, Craig Martini, Rami Jaffee, Pat Caddick... and of course Alan Parsons himself!


SBO Best Tools For Schools (Advanced category) Award Winner 2018.

“These are a must-have for any music production program and I am already planning how I will incorporate them in my studio techniques classes. Other than the overall quality, what really sets these tracks apart is the variety of styles and instruments. For these reasons, I give them a solid A. For classes that don’t have access to a recording studio and even those that do, these provide an experience that just isn’t available any other way.”

Dr. George Hess, School Band and Orchestra Magazine



The complete set of consolidated 88.2kHz wave files
A .ptx file for ProTools users
Track Sheet, with recording notes from Alan Parsons
Session Photos
Link to video footage from the session
Mixing scene from The Art & Science Of Sound Recording video (50 mins)

Immediately after payment you’ll receive a link to .zip file containing all the wave files for loading into your DAW. If you run ProTools™ you can use the .ptx file that calls up a new Session with tracks color-coded, in order, tempo set etc.

A track sheet gives you invaluable information about each instrument or sound source, including mics used and mic positioning.

A link to some guerilla video recorded on the day gives you an insight into how the recording process went—the players, plus the recording environments (ensemble, iso booths etc).

The complete Mixing scene from ASSR’s award-winning video series The Art & Science Of Sound Recording gives you the tools to be able to handle a large mix session including setting up, processing, stereo field, levels and much more.


  • Learn how to handle a large scale mixing session—in the comfort of your own DAW
  • Test your plug-ins!
  • Study parts played by some of the world’s top professional musicians
  • Analysis: arrangement, mic choices, record levels, processing
  • Replace or add parts
  • Remix!


This material is copyright by each individual composer or composers and ASSR. So, while you may do anything you like with a Session File in the comfort of your own home studio or classroom you may not claim these recordings as your own compositions.

You may not publish this material or remixes thereof in a public setting without prior permission from ASSR. Under most normal, non-commercial circumstances this will be freely granted.

If you create loops or remixes intended for public or commercial usage you must obtain the proper sample clearance from ASSR.

All enquiries please contact: