MCTS: Buenos Aires

MCTS Buenos Aires

Date: 5 May 2011
Country: Argentina
Venue: Universidad Nacional de Lanús, Buenos Aires
Event: MCTS Level 2
Musicians: Vaqueros Paganos
Track: La Honestidad
Engineers: Alan Parsons, Martin Sznaider
Production Assistant: Ezequiel Morfi
Publicity: Mercedes Onorato
Video & Photography: UNLA video dept.

Produced by: Mercedes Onorato for Sound Pro Latin America

Sponsors: Digital Audio Group, AVID, AES


Alan Parsons records Buenos Aires alternative rock band Vaqueros Paganos in a single day, from tracking to a mix, in a purpose-built live studio at BA’s Universidad Nacional de Lanús.

The Musicians

Buenos Aires alternative / grunge band Vaqueros Paganos grew out of a collaboration between musicians and singers Diego Pagan and Clara V with tone-bending keyboard player Perry, Coco on bass and violin, and Bocking on drums.

Their intriguing influences range from Sonny & Cher and Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood to Nirvana and Alice in Chains (via Leonardo Favio, obviously).

Their evocative lo-fi sound blends acoustic folk attitude and male and female vocals with electronic and ambient textures.

Vaqueros Paganos on Bandcamp


9.00–9.30 Acreditacion.
9.30–10.00 Explanation of the day’s activities
10.00–11.30 Playback of demo, placement and set up of musicians and mics in the studio.
11.30 Break
12.00–1.30 Recording the basic tracks.
1.30–2.30 Lunch
2.30–4.30 Overdubs and vocals.
4.15–4.30 Break
4.30-6.00 Mix
6.00-7.00 Live Q & A in auditorium


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