Streaming Video Only Course


ASSR Videos (+ Online Quizzes)

FOR: Academic Institutions (Middle School tbru 4-year College. General Music Programs)

Unlimited streaming of the original award-winning Alan Parsons’ award winning Art & Science Of Sound Recording video series.

If you run a music class, from Music Appreciation, Music Industry /Business, Music Production, Keyboard, Band, Orchestra or Choir, give your students access to the wisdom of internationally renowned engineer, producer and artist Alan Parsons. Alan’s career began with The Beatles at Abbey Road and peppered throughout this series of 24 video modules are stories and interviews that will inspire and inform music students of every stripe—all of whom now have access to some form of recording device and who will be fascinated to watch how it’s done.

The unlimited Streaming access also lets students take a series of 24 online Quizzes and for instructors to monitor results and progress. This provides a simple but powerful layer of interaction between students and instructors.

Certification: No.

Cost:$32.00 per student (10 student minimum) or Annual Class Access: $499.00 (Best deal for classes of over 16 students)

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Price: $32.00