Music Production Curriculum


FOR: Academic Institutions (High School thru 4-year College).

ASSR Music Production Curriculum comprises

  • The complete ASSR video series installed on your student laptops/workstations*
  • 10 “Session Files” raw multitracks
  • One instructor's copy of ASSR-The Book
  • 24 Lesson Plans
  • Access to the ASSR website for source materials, bonus material and Student Center
  • Free Student Center access for 1 year for every student to take the online Quizzes.
  • *Now available on Canvas™.
  • Professional Certification Option

Alan Parsons’ Art & Science Of Sound Recording video series is the hub of this integrated package of materials custom designed for schools teaching Recording Arts, Audio Engineering or Music Production classes.

The videos can install on workstations in your classroom or on student laptops. Access to the videos on Canvas is now also available.

The videos are supported by an extensive suite of 24 Lesson Plans, which are linked to the instruction shown in each video. The Lesson Plans also reference the 10 professional multitracks recorded and produced by Alan Parsons and featuring acclaimed musicians such as Nathan East, Simon Phillips, Vinnie Colaiuta, Rami Jaffee. These music files are for students to study, work with, add to and eventually mix or remix.

Students can register on the ASSR website in order to take the 24 online Quizzes. Quiz scores can be viewed by instructors and used to or support your student grades.

The course also includes an instructor’s copy of the award-winning, hardback Alan Parsons’ Art & Science Of Sound Recording—The Book
Certification is offered as an option. Certification is option based on
1. Quiz scores (passing grade of 70% average),

2. An Assignment (from a list of Assignments supplied by ASSR)

3. Your own School Assessment.

Additionally, instructors may submit two students for Distinction award on their Certificate.


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PROGRAM COST: $99.00 per student/seat (+$20 per student Certification). Minimum 15 seats.

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