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Thanks for the excellent videos they are great, and I understand you are taking your time to make them as good as they can be. One quick question I have though. Please could you advise on when the DVD's may be shipped? Only reason I ask is that I have ordered them to be shipped to my university address. I pre ordered in December and thought I might have them by March. I have to move back home in May and there doesn't seem to be any where I can change my shipping address on this website. I'm happy to be patient and wait for them if there's someway of changing the delivery address to the billing address. Then there's no panick on my part.

Please can someone assist?

Kind regards


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Changing shipping address

If you are in USA do please call 1-800-752-2780 and give us an alternative shipping address. Alternatively, just email this information to and we will make a note of it. The DVD should be available right around your move time so ask us to make a note on your order to contact you before shipping to make sure we send it to an address that will be current.

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Same problem

Hi there.
I have same problem, maybe even worse. I have pre-ordered DVDs in January. My current delivery address is in London - UK, but I'm moving back home to Slovakia in June. I wonder if I'll get my DVDs by then. Although I will stay at my Mum's in Slovakia, she is in Canada at the moment, so there's no one at that address now. Shall I wait and hope I'll get the delivery before I move or shall I change my address earlier?

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Shipping address changes

You should be fine time-wise but to be safe please email, giving your full name, and ask that you be contacted by email before shipping so that we can confirm your current address. All pre-release orders are printed out so we can note any special instructions, no problem.

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Physical DVD shipping…...

I few weeks back I have purchase your entire package download & DVD box set & I also paid extra for UPS shipping & I have not received anything… the address of billing is the same as the shipping address, I was wondering When can I expect my physical box set order 1003100

best regards