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I wish I had been able to watch this video 20 years ago as it would have saved me countless hours of head scratching. The content was succinct and took an excellent, basic look at a complex subject. This section was an interesting and valuable review. Obviously, the producers put a great deal of effort into this project. I would be very interested in seeing a more advanced section on delays. I also think that it would be interesting to watch a video of Alan Parsons tweaking a sound with delay and sharing his esthetic considerations, thoughts, technique, and workflow in applying this effect.

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a good section (cool)
you can explan to begginer how in cubase you put a sidechain ...

perhap let us ear the echoplex, the binson and othe analog tape effects

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Simply add a new FX Channel

Simply add a new FX Channel track, choose your effect and add it to your sends. You can control how much of the effect you want used by the slider in the Sends rack :)


Music is the space between the notes

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Download seemed unavailable?

Each time I tried to download the delay clip I kept getting an error message that it was unavailable. After backing out and then coming back to the site, it worked. Is this an ongoing issue or a fluke? (The streaming version worked with no problem.)

Tim Miller

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Advanced Delay Techniques

As midnightsun has perfectly put it, this is a great tutorial, but for the more advanced users a hands on advanced tutorial would be appreciated. It would be more beneficial and practical to go through Alan's favorite delay tricks or delay units to use, and any special delay manipulation effects. Maybe Alan could just go over the usage of delays for different types of instruments (vox included)...

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Haas effect

I thought this video gave a good coverage of delays in general, but no mention of the Haas effect which is usually important for certain effects and sounds, but can cause problems if not checked in mono as well.