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What is MCTS?

Master Class Training Sessions are live events where Attendees get hands-on, interactive instruction from Alan Parsons on the 'art and science' of sound recording. They follow similar themes to the Art And Science Of Sound Recording videos but as live events they are more in-depth and offer the chance to actually work with Alan Parsons.

Master Class Training Sessions are held in recording studios around the world and currently comprise one or two day sessions at one of three Levels.

What Are MCTS Levels?

Level 1: Introduction to recording: approaches and techniques in lecture or seminar form. 1/2 or 1-Day. No prior knowledge required. Level 1 MCTS may be conducted in recording studio or lecture/auditorium locations.

Level 2: 1-day, hands-on sessions with some knowledge of DAW recording required. Suitable for music production / recording students. Live tracking; vocals and basic mixing will be covered.

Level 3: 2-day, hands-on sessions with good knowledge of DAW recording and experience as musician, engineer, or producer required. Level 3 events are staged at professional recording studios. Attendees get to witness and assist in all stages of a recording session with Alan Parsons from tracking to overdubs (including lead and backing vocals) to mixing.

MCTS Event Archive
Chicago, May 31, 2015
Mexico City, April 24-25, 2015
Nashville, February 11-12, 2013
Las Vegas, February 1-2, 2013
San Francisco, December 8, 2012 - Studio Training Session with Sylvia Massy
Toronto, May 26, 2012
Bogota, September 15, 2011
Los Angeles, July 22-23, 2011
Guadalajara, June 19, 2011
Buenos Aires, May 5, 2011


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