Realtime Analyser

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I'm wondering if anyone here can provide some information & advice on the use of a Realtime Analyser.
I'm thinking of purchasing a Rane RA-30 for use in the home studio I'm building up. I'm not intending to use it for system tuning but think it might be helpful for a visual representation of the frequency spectrum of a mix. Thinking it might help me isolate each instrument to it's own frequency range as much as possible.

Open to other suggestions for achieving the same result of anyone is using a similar technique.



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DAW analyser

If you are using a DAW, there are quite a few really good analysers out there. One that I use a lot is the NuGen Audio Visualizer. This has both stereo correlation and waterfall spectrum density which are useful to see where things are for troublesome instrument groupings. However, having said that, getting your room right is critical, followed by using your ears when mixing, rather than your eyes.