B&W 805 diamond for mixing?

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Hello Alan,

I love the monitoring section. While I am going to upgrade my Mackie HR824, I start seaching on 805 Diamond. My main purpose for the monitors is mixing. Do you think 805 Diamond is serious enough for a world class mix? Does it need to be used together with B&W's sub woofer? Some forum discussing B&W are for mastering only. What would you think? I have listen both 804 and 805 diamond in a local shop. To me, 804's bass is much better than 805. If for mixing purpose, which model you would suggest?


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Thats when I realised I had a

Thats when I realised I had a big latency pmp problem so to check it out I plugged the out put of my sound card into the intrument input of the Samson G-tracks Mic and recored the Midi drums into a seperate track. The result was nearly a 16th of a secound out, very distint with the drums. I wondered at how I could fix this problem, I needed to gauge the exact amount it was behind so could security+ exam slide each track back into its exact timing position.

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B&W 805 Diamond speakers

Hi, I'd also like to know anyones thoughts on the B&W 805 diamond speakers, I've used Genelec 1031A's for many years, A few years ago i bought a pair of Eclipse TD510 speakers, i find these much easier on the ear, less fatguing than the Genelecs... but I fancy a change, any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you