Session 11 - Give 'Em My Love


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Session 11 Title: Give ‘Em My Love
Genre: Rock
Composer: Julian Colbeck & James Durbin
Recorded at: ParSonics, Santa Barbara
Producer: Alan Parsons
Asst. Engineer: Noah Bruskin
Musicians: Guy Erez (bass), Danny Thompson (drums), Jeffery Marshall and James Durbon (guitars), Tom Brooks (keys), James Durbin (vocals)
Instrumentation: Drums, percussion, bass, guitars (electric, acoustic), acoustic piano, organ and strings (Korg Kronos), male lead and backing vocals.
# of Tracks on Multitrack: 38
File size: 3.11GB

Listen to the track:

A well crafted pop / rock song with an incredible lead vocal performance. Put together for an MCTS master class at ParSonics in Santa Barbara, this song initially grew out of a recording made by Julian Colbeck with his then 17 yr old son Cameron on drums and 20 yr old daughter Abi on bass on a 'Fathers Day’ session back in 2012.

The track lay unfinished and dormant for the next ten years until Julian invited singer James Durbin over to check keys and such two weeks before the session. That meeting turned into a fortuitous re-write and Give ‘Em My Love emerged in about an hour and was swiftly recorded on an iiPhone.

The idea behind the song and arrangement was for it to start minimally and gently and grow into a balls-to-the-wall rocker by the end. The session recorded at Alan Parsons’ ParSonics studio in Santa Barbara featured members of Alan’s touring band, supplemented by Jeffery Marshall on guitar. This song took way longer to arrange and routine than it did to write but it was well worth it. The original demo was over 5 minutes long and the final mix came in at around 3 1/2 minutes. All wheat, no chaff.

Instrumentation is fairly classic rock. There are some interesting mic options on the Session File: two choices on kick (or in fact three with the Yamaha sub kick), two on the snare (a Shure SM57 and a PreSonus SD1) and two different mics on the guitar cabinet, one of which is a rather unusual Tul G12 dynamic, beloved by Joe Bonamassa no less.

Although on the mix you can hear some different delays and reverbs the raw Session File is just that so you can apply your own effects. Guitar solos are very much personal taste and although Jeff did a great job here there’s bags of room to take a completely different approach. The string only come in at the very end and it’s possible an earlier appearance could work. The drums are fairly ‘standard’ sounding and those with an ear for drum programming might feel inclined to give it a modern feel with a new or additional drum track. The beauty of Session Files is that you have good raw material in your hands. You then have the opportunity to flex your muscles, wings or whatever means of artistic propulsion you possess and create a unique and original version yourself. Included in the download are the track sheet, with notes from Alan Parsons and Noah Bruskin, lyric sheet and chord chart, and a selection of stills from the session.

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