MCTS Women Rock

Women Rock

Sylvia Massy
Date: May 19, 2018
Country: U.S.A.
Venue: Fantasy Studios
Event: MCTS Level 1
Artist: The Soulseers
Engineer And Producer: Sylvia Massy
Event Manager Charlie Steves
Event Producer: Julian Colbeck


Women Rock

"Telefunken, Telephones & Television" said Sylvia, when we asked about what gear she's going to be bringing to this session! Indeed this will be inspirational day in the studio, making a record with the iconic and iconoclastic Sylvia Massy at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, where Santana recorded Supernatural and artists such as En Vogue, Tori Amos, and Lauryn Hill created hit records.

We wanted to try something different with this session. In the spirit of honoring women in music, we looked for some strong emerging female musicians in the Bay Area and also procured a fine female assistant engineer to work alongside Sylvia in the control room. With this session, we want to create an atmosphere where aspiring women engineers and producers can grow in their craft while learning from one of the most respected female producers in the industry.

We even debated whether we should kick the guys out of the studio altogether for the session, but actually everyone’s welcome and we think that, in a nice reversal of the ‘Land Down Under’ the men can enjoy, appreciate and learn from observing Women At Work.

Artists for the session is The Soulseers: an alt-folk/rock band led by Santa Cruz singer songwriter Aliza Hava and piano player from the hard rock duo Sit Kitty Sit, Kat Downs.

This is a full day recording session in the studio where you’ll leave your preconceptions at the door and learn more—both technically and creatively—than you could possibly imagine.

Alan Parsons will be Skyping in with an inspirational message for the attendants. The ticket price is inclusive of all refreshments during the day, along with a catered lunch.

The Producer: Sylvia Massy

Recording UnhingedSylvia Massy is no stranger to teaching nor to ASSR (she produced one of our rare ‘non Alan Parsons-led’ master classes in San Francisco back in 2013).

Massy’s catalog of work is highly impressive. From Tool’s debut record Undertow to her work with System of a Down, Johnny Cash, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Prince, Tom Petty and countless others, Sylvia Massy brings her unbridled passion for the unusual to all her recording sessions.

A self-styled Queen of Wacky, to attend a Sylvia Massy session is to step inside the mind of one of the most creative engineers and producers of our time. And definitely to step outside of the box. Even outside the room the box was in. Whether it’s recording drums with a dick mic or plugging kitchen implements into a guitar amp, recording a chicken solo or, as she puts it, “just blowing shit up,” a day in the studio with Sylvia Massy is an experience where you’ll be transported back to the days when recording was wild, and crazy and creative. Just as it should be.

Sylvia will be bringing an old portable TV that she's been itching to record with/through, along with a dinosaur telephone to demonstrate how to turn it a microphone. Sylvia's army-man compressor is staying home on leave of absence and will not be making this particular sortie.

In addition to being a prolific and accomplished hit-making producer and engineer, Sylvia Massy is also an illustrator and author of the groundbreaking Recording Unhinged book, concepts from which attendees can expect will be in evidence during this session.

The Venue

Fantasy Studios, 2600 10th St, Berkeley, CA 94710 Studio Director •
Phone: (510) 486-2038

As an integral part of the Zaentz Media Center, Fantasy Studios provides services for the music, film, video, and game communities. Fantasy continues to be one of the most requested recording studios on the West Coast with an extensive selection of microphones, outboard gear, instruments, and natural echo chambers. The facility is comprised of three legendary recording and mixing rooms, all equipped with ProTools HDX. There are two concert quality grand pianos. Services offered include ISDN to link to studios worldwide, comprehensive media transfer work, editing and on-site mastering.Kat Downs

Recommended Hotels: TBA

The Artist

Artists for the session is The Soulseers: an alt-folk/rock band led by award-winning Santa Cruz-based singer/ songwriter Aliza Hava and songwriter/pianist from the hard rock duo Sit Kitty Sit, Kat Downs.

Hava and Downs combine their powerhouse songwriting skills to craft music that pulls no punches while expressing the indomitable spirit of women. The Soulseers are currently working on material for their upcoming EP, Born Brave.


    Saturday May 19th 2018Aliza Hava

  • 09.30–10.00 Welcome, Registration. Coffee and pastries.
  • 10.00–10.45 Sylvia introduces the band and sets goals for the tracking session.
  • 10.45–1.00 Tracking session (details to come)
  • 1.00–2.00 Lunch with Sylvia and the band at Fantasy Studios.
  • 2.00–4.15 Overdubs (details to come).
  • 4.15–4.30 Tea Break.
  • 4.30–6.30 Mixing.
  • All enquiries to or to KEYFAX NewMedia on 1-800-752-2780

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