ASSR hosts symposium on Music Production in education Sept 7th 2017

ASSR in classroom

Team ASSR is joining the back to school brigade Sept 7, hosting a free symposium (physical and webinar) on "Trending Technologies for Music Production in Education."

The symposium comprises a series of Sessions presented by leaders in music production: educators, developers, musicians and producers. Legendary producer and engineer Alan Parsons will deliver the keynote, taking a look over the shoulder at what constituted his music production training back in the UK (not the USSR!) with The Beatles, George Martin and Geoff Emerick at Abbey Road.

The event will be held live at Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz and will also be broadcast simultaneously as a webinar.

Attending in Person
Contact to reserve your seat.

Cabrillo College 6500 Soquel Dr, Digi-Lab VAPA 5136 from 2PM-7PM.
Paid Parking is available

Light refreshments will be available free of charge

ASSR in classroomSign up for the Webex Webinar
Register at Webinar runs 3PM-7PM Pacific Time

Space is limited at both in-person and Webinar formats so early registration is strongly advised. First come first served.

The following Sessions comprise a 15-20 minute live presentation followed by 15 mins Q&A from the floor and also questions submitted online from the webinar.

  • The State Of Play The skinny on new music production gear, platforms, technologies, acronyms and jargon. What you need to know, what you need to buy.
  • Creating a GRAMMY-winning high school music production program Dynamic educator Beth Hollenbeck tells all and talks about funding options.
  • Music On The Move Superstar Swedish company Soundtrap talks about its powerful platform-agnostic, online DAW.

    KEYNOTE: Alan Parsons reflects on what constituted his music production education in London back in the 1960s.

  • Game On FM guru Dave Bristow looks at writing music for video games, and takes a peek behind the curtain at game audio content platform Fmod.
  • Plug-in 'n' Play Dan McFarren from leading plug-in producers Plug-in Alliance, based in Santa Cruz, reveals and demonstrates plug-in's power and potential for educators.
  • EuroRackstars Nothing is hotter than Eurorack right now. Synthwerks' James Husted provides historical context, explores what’s going on, and explains why this format can be so powerful in education.
  • Climb Inside The Music - ASSR debuts Session Files - raw professionally recorded multitracks you can load into any DAW.

    The ASSR symposium is free to attend both for local educators in California’s Bay Area & Silicon Valley, and for those attending via webinar but it’s hoped that in spite of cheap talk, valuable insights into how to develop or run Music Production courses in schools and colleges will be gained by all.

    ASSR would like to thank Cabrillo College Music Technology Recording Arts Club “MTRAK” for hosting this event.

    Product Discounts for Educators Those attending the symposium live will be able to purchase books and DVDs at educational prices. Both live and web attendees qualify for discounts on products and services from several companies, including: ASSR in classroom

  • Art And Science Of Sound Recording ASSR in classroom
  • Soundtrap plug in alliance
  • Plug-in Alliance synthwerks
  • Synthwerks

    Full details will be supplied in the venue and by email.


    James HustedJames Husted is the designer and co-founder of Synthwerks, a widely acclaimed producer of Eurorack performance control modules. In addition to being a committed Eurorack player himself, James has spent many years in education, teaching electronic music. James is also an accomplished designer who has worked for numerous music and audio companies including LOUD Technologies, Digital Harmony, and Symetrix.

    Beth HollenbeckBeth Hollenbeck is both a highly skilled educator, developing and implementing recording arts and songwriting classes that incorporate business skills and practices used for becoming a professional in the music industry, and a musician and performer in her own right with several successful records under her belt. Beth’s vision and tenacity earned her congressional recognition in 2011 as educator of the year, the same year she was awarded a GRAMMY for the creation of her music production program at Scott’s Valley High School. Beth has also been recognized in the NAMM Foundation’s Best Communities for Music Education in 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2017.

    Julian ColbeckJulian Colbeck is the co-creator, producer and writer of Alan Parsons' Art & Science Of Sound Recording (ASSR) projects. Julian spent 25 years as a professional keyboard player working with the likes of Charlie, John Miles, Steve Hackett and Yes/ABWH. Julian began writing about music technology in 1986 with the publication of Keyfax, A Buyers Guide published by Virgin Books. He has since written more than a dozen books on music and music tech while also assuming duties as the CEO of KEYFAX NewMedia Inc.

    Dave Bristow Dave Bristow is a luminary of the electronic music industry. An accomplished pianist with many albums to his credit, Dave was a key member of the Yamaha DX7 team, co-authoring a book on FM with Dr. John Chowning (FM Theory And Applications) and playing a central role in the original voicing of this landmark instrument. After his work with Yamaha Dave spent three years at Pierre Boulez’s research institute IRCAM in Paris, running the MIDI and Synthesis studio. Moving to Santa Cruz in 1995 Dave worked with E-Mu Systems on the development team for several important instruments including Morpheus, and Emulator 4. In 2002 Dave once again teamed up with Yamaha Corporation of Japan to work on the company’s FM chip for mobile phones, developing ringtones and alerts. Since 2011 David has been teaching electronic music production at Shoreline Community College in Seattle, while continuing to play demanding jazz with his quartet RedShift. Dan McFarren

    Dan McFarren holds a bachelor's degree in Digital Audio Technology and has worked as a sound engineer, video editor, DJ, and writer in the modern electronic music sphere. Dan has been Product Marketing Manager at Plug-in Alliance for almost three years.

    Meredith AllenMeredith Allen is an educator and an international presenter. She currently works as an Instructional Technology Consultant, Education Ambassador and Account Manager for the collaborative, online DAW, Soundtrap. Prior to her work with Soundtrap, Meredith taught instrumental music, technology and virtual reality. She is currently located in Iowa, has two little music maker daughters and enjoys traveling.