Session 6 - Dogs


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Session 6 Title: Dogs
Genre: Rock
Composers: Johan Lagerström Pollak
Recorded at: Abbey Road, Studio 3
Producer: Alan Parsons
Asst. Engineers: Abbey Road, Studio 3
Musicians: Johan Lagerström Pollak (vocals, keys, guitar), Daniel Jägerholt (drums, guitar), Owe Almgren (bass).
Instrumentation: Drums, bass, guitars (electric & acoustic), Grand piano, synths, male lead vocal, choir vocals (male and female).
# of Tracks on Multitrack: 53
File size: 3.54GB

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Alan and JohanOverheadRecording VocalsAlan at the Drums

Haunting and melodic rock. This was the first session on Alan Parsons' journey ‘going back’ to work at Abbey Road—the studio where he trained with The Beatles, went on to engineer Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon, where he produced a string of hits for artists like The Hollies, Pilot and Al Stewart and then recorded much of his own landmark oeuvre with the Alan Parsons Project.

This was recorded in Studio 3, the studio where principally Dark Side Of The Moon was recorded. Artists Edward (there is no ‘Edward,’ that’s just the band name) and their song Dogs (not written about the physical, barking variety) is a lilting (in 6/8 time signature) haunting, folky rock ballad. It’s an open, spacey track in spite of boasting no less than 53 ‘tracks’ of recording. Only occasionally does it blossom into almost Floydian grandeur, as it does in the middle section.

Edward has but three members and when it came to playing a guitar solo, drummer and occasional guitarist Daniel Jägerholt was gracious enough to let members of the gallery of attendees to the recording session try their luck. In the end two people produced two solos and these are named as Solo 1 and Solo 2 in the track sheet. They run sequentially so you won’t have a problem identifying them. You may well want to throw your hat into the guitar solo ring. The allotted time is fairly brief so go for it!

The instrumentation here is sparse and selective. In case you should wonder, the B3 used is the same B3 used by The Beatles and Pink Floyd.

Abbey Road boasts an impressive vintage mic locker so it’s not surprising that Alan re-acquainted himself with the elderly Neumann large capsule condensers and ribbons he used in his youth. Make sure you solo and listen carefully to some of these tracks to see exactly what a ‘vintage’ mic brings to a sound. Or not, you may feel!

There’s also quite a lot of genuine double tracking here. You might find it interesting to create a digitized ‘double track’ and then compare and contrast.

Finally, the basic rhythm tracks were recorded to 24-track, 2-inch tape as well as ProTools. In a blind shootout the tape recording won hands down; not just in terms of warmth, which is what you might expect, but also high-end clarity. The tape recorded tracks were of course duly if sadly recorded straight onto ProTools in order for a reasonably speedy and efficient recording session to ensue. But the rhythm tracks do still retain some of that ‘tape’ sound.

A song and arrangement with plenty of space for remixing.

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