Session 5 - Lisa's Theme


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Session 5 Title: Lisa's Theme
Genre: Rock
Composers: Alan Parsons
Recorded at: Studio At The Palms, La Vegas
Producer: Alan Parsons
Asst. Engineers: Mark Gray
Musicians: Jimmy Crespo (guitar), Eddie Rich (flute and sax) Adam Shendal (drums), Craig Martini (bass) Pat Caddick (keys)
Instrumentation: Drums, bass, guitars, acoustic grand piano, synth strings, flute
# of Tracks on Multitrack: 31
File size: 1.8GB

Listen to the track:

Thematic, smooth rock instrumental. The track features a sensitive string arrangement from Vegas bandleader and orchestrator Pat Caddick, who used samples from the excellent EastWest libraries

The musicians are all Vegas A-listers. Although the file size is modest there's actually quite a lot going on here. In addition to sampled strings there's real flute supported by sampled oboe and horns. It makes for an interesting in how real and virtual parts and instruments co-habit. Budding orchestrators may well want to add yet more parts to arrangement to make it fully symphonic.

Simple and melodic: A great track to work on when you want to de-stress.

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