Duration: 22 minutes

Featuring: Alan Parsons, with Elliot Scheiner, Michael McDonald, John Shanks, and Bill Putnam Jr (Universal Audio)

This section opens with Alan shouting at the mountains alongside his Santa Barbara home. Alan explains the concept of sound reverberations and reflections and points out that this natural phenomenon has in fact been the only way that we have been able to hear our own voices until the invention of recording at the end of the nineteenth century.

Reverb traces the history and progress of ‘artificial’ reverb technology, then takes a parameter-by-parameter look at digital reverb settings, hardware and software reverb products, and application of reverb, both to individual instruments, and to entire mixes.

The application of reverb has twisted and turned with different musical styles and different eras. Alan looks at how and when reverb can be your friend with an illustrious cast of fellow engineers, producers, and artists.

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