King James! FREE STREAM of American Idol star James Durbin in action in the studio with Alan Parsons

At time of writing, all our fingers and toes are crossed here in Santa Cruz as local boy-making-good James Durbin slugs it out in the final stages of Fox’s 2011 season of American Idol.

James is featured in Alan Parsons Art & Science Of Sound Recording ‘Vocals’ section in a scene filmed in 2008 at the Bay Area’s Ex'pression College.

To add some karma to the fire we’re giving away a 100% free stream of the more than 40-minute Vocals section – just through this weekend.

The Vocals section is one of ASSR’s most compelling Sections so if you’ve held off checking out ASSR until now don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to not only see one of America’s hottest young singers in action, but also to see how industry legend handles recording vocals, from mic choices to processing to psychology!

If you’re not already registered, Registration takes about 30 seconds then you’re all done. While you are logged in, simply add 'Recording Vocals' to your cart. Use coupon code JAMES when prompted and check out.
OK, King Me!

Play this YouTube video of our bonus footage from Ex'pression College.