Alan Parsons records Billy Bob Thornton as Narrator

Dateline: September 24th 2009. Los Angeles: One of the final pieces of the puzzle fell into place this month when Billy Bob Thornton recorded dialog for the Art And Science Of Sound Recording DVD project.

Alan Parsons and Billy Bob ThorntonThe recording, which took place at Billy Bob’s ‘Cave’ Studios in Los Angeles, was produced by Alan Parsons, and engineered by Thornton’s partner in the BoxMasters, JD Andrew.

Billy Bob’s voice is featured in all the various sections of the program, complimenting Alan’s on-screen and hands-on explanations and demonstrations.

Billy Bob Thornton
“Delivering lines out of context on a music and technology based project would have been a challenge for anyone else.” Said Alan. “But Billy is both an actor and a musician with his own recording studio. He was the perfect choice. We had a tremendous time doing it, and had plenty of laughs along the way. I’m hoping I can reciprocate by helping out Billy and the BoxMasters on a future project.”

The Art And Science Of Sound Recording now moves into its final stage, with release now expected in November.