MCTS Abbey Road Contest Page

Alan Parsons / ASSR New Recording Artist 2015

What’s it all about?

Alan Parsons and the ASSR Team are searching for new recording talent for a 2-day recording session at London’s famed Abbey Road studios.

That’s right. The contest winner gets to make a record at Abbey Road studios, produced by Alan Parsons. So…

You need to be:

  1. A band who is currently free to record with whoever they choose – i.e. not signed to a major label or recognized indie label. If you’ve released recordings under your own ‘label,’ that’s fine.
  2. A band of proficient players, who will not be thrown into a state of utter confusion if Alan asks you to ‘transpose the song into another key,’ change a couple of notes here and there, play to a click (or not), or any other ‘normal’ piece of studio instruction. You will be recording in front of a small private audience who are attending the session to learn about recording. You will not have any problem with this.
  3. Able to be in London and turn up at Abbey Road studios on November 16th and 17th from approximately 9 AM to 7PM ready to record under your own steam with your own equipment. If there are transport costs involved, you understand that Alan / ASSR will not be responsible for them.
  4. The owners / writers of up to three original songs written by yourselves or an associate that has not been released (see #1).
  5. Ready to sign a simple agreement that sets out your and Alan’s rights in the recording.

Here’s how you enter:

  • Go to our associate website Register (it’s completely free), and then create a new ‘Group’ under your own name / band name etc.
  • Once registered, join the Alan Parsons / ASSR New Recording Artist Contest group by clicking on the blue "Join Group" button on the right and await further instructions, which you will be able to see in the feed and be notified of by email.

Be prepared to:

  1. Upload your songs to Musicians Guild. You'll be able to link from SoundCloud, YouTube, Vimeo etc or you can upload songs directly. Each song should be in its own sound file. The demo(s) must feature at least four separate instruments (including drums) that you are capable of playing TOGETHER as a band.
  2. Write in no more than 50 words the type of arrangement you envisage for your song(s).
  3. Tell us about your studio or recording experience and whether you are currently
    performing live. You have to be confident enough to be able to record under Alan’s guidance and not be put off by onlookers. Bands with previous success are fine, but they must not be under a current recording contract. If you have a publishing agreement, please let us know.

What happens next:

  1. October 15th is the deadline for entries to be uploaded to Musicians Guild. At that point the Alan Parsons / ASSR Team will review entries and create a shortlist of potential winners.
  2. On October 30th a winner and runner-up will be chosen by Alan Parsons along with the Attendees of MCTS Session 1 being held at Abbey Road studios on November 16/17.

What happens afterwards:

  1. The composer(s) retain(s) all rights to the composition being recorded, subject to any publishing contract they may have.
  2. The Artist may use the recording for any and all promotional purposes.
  3. In the event that the recording is deemed worthy of a commercial release, an agreement must be entered into between the Artist and Alan Parsons / ASSR.

Important ‘Fine Print’

  • To re-iterate: you must be able to travel to and be at the recording session at Abbey Road Studios on November 16th and 17th from 9 AM to 7PM ready to record AT YOUR OWN EXPENSE.
  • You acknowledge that there is no prior contractual agreement with any other party that would prevent you from entering into an agreement with Alan Parsons / ASSR in the event that such is deemed appropriate.
  • In the event that a short listed potential winner cannot attend the recording session there will be no cash nor any other form of ‘substitute prize.’
  • This contest does not constitute a recording contract with Alan Parsons, ASSR, Abbey Road studios and its affiliates, or any participants in the Master Class Training Sessions.
    Alan Parsons / ASSR is under no obligation to promote or release material recorded at the MCTS.
  • You may not use Abbey Road nor Alan Parsons’ name or likeness to promote the recording without specific prior agreement.
  • Be brave and creative with your submissions and Good Luck!