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Recording is an activity. There's only so much you can learn by osmosis. The best - and quickest - way to learn about recording is to jump in and record something. It can be you singing into an app on your cellphone, you noodling around with some loops on GarageBand, or you and some mates in your actual garage, recording into a boombox you found for $5 on eBay. All good.

Somehow you've elected (or been 'elected') to sign up for a music class. And somehow you're lucky enough to be at a school that's selected ASSR (that's us) to be a part of your suite of training materials. Again, all good.

Whether you've just been sent some links to view the ASSR (that's us) videos online, or whether you've been studying the videos, taking Quizzes, and working with our Session Files for some time, this is a place you can come to day or night and ask a question.

Yea? About what? Well, try to make it a question about music, or recording (even better) but although we don't want to test the old saying that 'there's no such thing as a stupid question,' you can pretty much ask anything here from how to access a file, to recommendations for headphones, to where to find the coolest plugins, to how to get a job in music when school's finally out.

We'll chime in when it's appropriate but hopefully a global community of students will form here and you'll all help each other out too.

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