Announcing ASSR Education License

The producers are pleased to introduce ASSR Education License.

ASSR Education License provides multi-student access to the material contained in The Art & Science Of Sound Recording, complete with tutor-access to a student's performance in Section Quizzes. The Quizzes have been widely recognized as powerful reinforcers of the knowledge contained in each Section.

The producers assess the program material as being suitable for all ages and skills levels at High School (aged 15+) and beyond. With the increased availability of media arts and technology courses at 2-year and 4-year colleges, plus the continued success of independent training centers and career schools, it has become increasingly important for standards to be available in digital audio recording practices.

From his early training at Abbey Road studios to a lifetime of groundbreaking audio achievements in the commercial world, Alan Parsons' commitment to audio excellence gives him the perfect credentials for establishing the benchmark for good working practices as are offered in the program.

Those who have registered at www.artandscienceofsound under 'Education' will be contacted directly by the series Education Director Michael Logue.

Those interested in receiving details of the full ASSR Education License should contact Michael Logue at or, through KEYFAX NewMedia on 1-800-752-2780.