All Sections now available online

Almost two years in the making, the complete set of videos for The Art & Science Of Sound Recording has gone live online, July 2010.

The series, which comprises twenty-four Sections, is currently offering a free stream of the Introduction – A Brief History Of Recording – to all those registering on the website.

The final Sections include Vocals, featuring a recent interview that Alan conducted with Erykah Badu, and A Band Tracking Session where viewers can see how the new Alan Parsons single release, All Our Yesterdays, took shape.

"This project may not have been quite at the level of Wagner’s Ring Cycle, where the composer had been working on it for so long he inadvertently married people off to their aunts and cousins," said producer Julian Colbeck, "but it has been a massive process. Keeping more than 10 hours of finished material 'in the present' has been a real challenge."