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Classic Recording, Part 2

Classic Recording, Part 2

Julian Colbeck’s multi-part blog on what made classic rock (and classic country, classic folk, and classic hip hop) so compelling

In Part 1 I looked at the most important part of any popular music recording: the song, whether it's a carefully constructed, multi-part composition or just a loop knocked up on an MPC.

Synthplex: Oct 27-30 2022

Living In Synths

Synthplex 2022: an LA expo of bleeps, bloops, wit and wisdom

Classic Recording

Classic Recording
By Julian Colbeck

Out of this world

The dawn of a new era with audio recordings from Mars: Are You Prepared?

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Team Stream

Dateline: April 28 2020
The magic of video that the public sees when a band ‘big’ or other, or cast of thousands of singers appear to performing together at the same time over the internet is of course just that. You can’t have multiple performances over the internet in real time, in sync.

All Learning Is Distant

Dateline: April 24 2020
Exactly what is the nature of learning? You don't suddenly get infused with knowledge. Knowledge and aptitude comes by studying what others have done, or are doing, and then... doing it yourself.