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ASSR hosts symposium on Music Production in education Sept 7th 2017

ASSR in classroom

Team ASSR is joining the back to school brigade Sept 7, hosting a free symposium (physical and webinar) on "Trending Technologies for Music Production in Education."

The symposium comprises a series of Sessions presented by leaders in music production: educators, developers, musicians and producers.

A Life In The Day

What it’s like working in the studio with Alan Parsons

The Power Of A Pint At The Ship

The Power Of A Pint At The Ship

Top 10 Things You Should Do Before Recording

Mexico City TEC

Nashville Hat-trick

What Happened In Vegas Does Not Stay....

MCTS Las Vegas Report

Everything that happens in Vegas does NOT have to stay there and the memory of ASSR’s first master class of 2013 will surely linger with the many Platinum and Gold Attendees, some of whom had traveled to sin city from as far a-field as Montana and South Carolina.

Tricks and Treats at Sylvia Massy Training Session

Sylvia Massy started to weave her magic right after Alan Parsons’ 10 A.M. good luck Skype greeting finally pixilated into the ether in front of Attendees, crew and more band members than a chamber orchestra assembled for a day of intensive recording in San Francisco’s swanky Studio Trilogy.

Studio Training Session with Sylvia Massy

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November 1, 2012.

Educational License wows attendees at Keyfax’s 2012 Music Technology symposium

The new ASSR Educational License got a major thumbs up from local educators at Keyfax NewMedia’s first annual Music Technology symposium Aug 15th at Keyfax’s new offices in Santa Cruz, CA.

The symposium itself drew representatives from the greater Bay Area from as far as Cogswell Polytechnic in Sunnyvale to MCAET down in Monterey. Santa Cruz and Scotts Valley were represented by its high schools, junior colleges and independent audio engineering and music production schools.

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