Session 7 - The World's A Stage


ASSR Session Files

Session 7 Title: The World's A Stage
Genre: Rock
Composers: Frank Van Bogaert
Recorded at: Abbey Road Studio 3
Producer: Alan Parsons
Asst. Engineers: Toby Hulbert
Musicians: Frank Van Bogaert (keys and vocals), William Becker (keys), Marcus Weymaere (drums), Nick Beggs (bass), John Mitchell (guitars)
Instrumentation: Drums, percussion, bass, guitars (electric and acoustic), acoustic grand piano, Hammond B3, synths, male lead vocal, harmony vocals.
# of Tracks on Multitrack: 61
File size: 8.1GB

What comes in this product:

  • The complete Session Multitrack (61 consolidated wave files). You will receive a
    link to a zipped folder containing the raw wave files, .ptx file, a folder of session photos, and a track sheet
    immediately after your payment has been authorized.
  • You can load the files into your choice of DAW. The .ptx file will also allow you
    to open up the session directly in ProTools; in order and with color coding.
  • The PDF Track Sheet contains session notes personally written by Alan Parsons.
  • You will also receive a link to video footage from the original recording session.

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Listen to the track:

This is a huge session, recorded at probably the world's most famous recording studio, Abbey Road. Artists Fish On Friday is from Belgium and is one of the country's leading prog rock bands. So, this is a prog rock track, produced by Alan Parsons in the very studio where he engineered Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon. That's a very enticing prospect and hopefully you'll agree when you listen to the song that the end result certainly lives up to the hype!

Fish On Friday is led by producer and multi-instrumentalist Frank Van Bogaert. In addition to his long time bandmate William Becker, Frank is joined by new band member Nick Beggs - himself a high profile bass player who came to fame with popsters Kajagoogoo in the 1980s and who went on to headier work with Ellis Beggs & Howard, Steven Wilson, and Steve Hackett. The line up is completed by British session player John Mitchell from It Bites and several other notable prog rock outfits.


The World's A Stage is if not a magnum opus then certainly a significans opus running at around sevens minutes, with multiple sections and time signatures and bristling with 61 tracks of recorded material.

Marcus Weymaere's drumming is a treat - plus you can really get a feel for Abbey Road's 'drum sound' as this was recorded in the main live room - and the rhythm section of Weymaere and Beggs is an impressive one. Built on top of this solid foundation is a colorful spread of keyboard and guitar parts: acoustic grand piano, B3, and a collection of synth strings from a Yamaha Motif and plug-ins (Matrix 12, Solina, Prophet-5 etc). John Mitchell's guitar work is very tasty, from acoustic guitar and 12-string to electric power chords, FX tracks and of course a guitar solo.

The track also has a full compliment of crisply delivered vocals: harmonies and backgrounds.

A track as weighty as this should not be taken lightly. Students of recording could probably spend an entire semester analyzing and re-working it.

Price: $99.99