Session 3 - White Matter Recess


ASSR Session Files

Session 3 Title: White Matter Recess
Genre: Rock
Composer: Casey McPherson
Recorded at: Orb Studios, Austin TX
Producer: Alan Parsons
Asst. Engineer: Robert Sewell
Musicians: Robin Mordecai (bass), Tabber Millard (drums), Zak Loy and Wes Ardis (guitars), Justin Wiseman (keys), Brandon Kinder (backing vocals)
Instrumentation: Drums, percussion, bass, guitars, acoustic grand piano, multiple synths, male lead vocal, harmony vocals.
# of Tracks on Multitrack: 31
File size: 3.16GB

What comes in this product:

  • The complete Session Multitrack (31 individual consolidated wave files plus a mix). You will receive a link to a zipped folder containing the raw wave files, .ptx file and track sheet immediately after your payment has been authorized.
  • You can load the files into your choice of DAW. The .ptx file will also allow you
    to open up the session directly in ProTools with tempo set, the tracks in order and color coded.
  • The Track Sheet contains session notes personally written by Alan Parsons.
  • You will also receive a link to video footage from the original recording session.
  • A folder of photos taken at the original recording is included in the initial download.

Orders will be fulfilled first week of November. Your content link will be sent directly by email.

If you are purchasing all 10 Session Files on the custom USB drive, links to the supporting video and photo material will be sent to you within 24 hours by email.

Listen to the track:

Alternative rock, a touch or prog rock (the writer and lead singer is also the lead singer of prog rockers Flying Colors), label it what you will, this is a highly infectious modern rock track that's both old-fashionedly humanistic and personal and at the same time laden with cool sounding synths and heavily processed guitars.

The musicians are all young but seasoned Texas rockers and the playing is great. You'll especially enjoy working with this rhythm section, powered by the fiercely original Tabber Millard.

ProToolsThe instrumentation is colorful, especially the preponderance of synth parts and textures. Guitars were recorded 'wet' of course but if you want to try your hand at another approach the song shouldn't be too complicated to learn for most players even if there are odd bars or 2/4 and 7/8 to catch the unsuspecting!

There were a lot of players on the initial tracking session but the arrangement is still commendably uncluttered.

This session has an interesting mix of acoustic and electric/electronic parts, which blend seamlessly. A remix could go either route, i.e. making it very acoustic, maybe replacing synth parts with guitars or acoustic keys, or going full-on synth-based. Plenty of scope here for the remixer to flex all of his or her creative muscles.

Price: $99.99