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Take The Quiz

Once you've purchased and viewed a section, click on the "Take The Quiz" logo. Here you'll find a multiple choice questionnaire about the section you've just seen.

We've listed the questions over to your right but of course you won't be able to actually take the quiz until you've purchased a section and looked at it. Because you can only take each section's quiz once, you might even want to watch it a few times!

Take The Quiz lets you interact with Alan Parsons’ thoughts and ideas on sound recording. It reinforces many of the valuable insights and information that Alan brings to the various topics, and, for those who are really paying attention, it lets you get free views into the bargain!

Each section has its own 10-point multiple-choice quiz that you’ll be directed to at the end. Each question answered correctly earns you 1 ‘Quiz Point’ that will be credited to your registration / account. Thirty (30) Quiz Points gets you a FREE STREAMING VIEW coupon that can be used to view the section of your choice.

Alternatively, you can apply the coupon towards the purchase of a download.

Now for the small print! Take The Quiz questions are based upon material and opinions expressed in each particular section. We have been careful to ask questions that are not overly subjective, but the ‘correct’ answers are nonetheless those that have been expressed in the video. If you disagree, please feel free to contact Alan with your point of view, or comment in the forums. While we love discussions, we reserve the right to be the final judge of correct answers.

Already purchased a 6-pack?

Once you earn sufficient Quiz Points for a free Streaming View coupon, this will be credited to your account and can be redeemed for any of the other Sections.

Purchased the DVD?

Quiz Points earned for those who purchase or pre-order the DVD will be credited to your account and the coupon can be used towards the purchase of Gold or Platinum package membership.

Alternatively, you may use a coupon as a gift. The recipient (of your smartness and generosity!) must first register, and then they can redeem the coupon for any section they wish to view.