Distortion on voice

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Have you noticed a large amount of distortion on AP and other vocals on this release together with little in the way of EQ'ing the interviews which sound a little bland in comparison to other parts.
Was this hastily done to complete in time or purely something that needed additional attention but AP was not available to tweak.

Either way, the content is good but the sound is poor.


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I haven't noticed distortion

I haven't noticed distortion (except where intentional) per se, but I've definitely noticed that some segments are louder or softer than others in the sequence, and the change quite abrupt, as though the audio track has not been normalized.
Particularly switches between Alan and Billy Bob's narration.

Walk softly and carry a big USB stick

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70-291Does anyone else get

Does anyone else get skipping and audio/video sync problems with this video?

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Can you say monitoring through headphones? Lot's of guys are starting to bounce down tracks by listening through headphones and don't go back to studio monitors. By the time they hear the tracks on actual monitors it's too late to go back.