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I took slight offense at the choice of visual when the "overplaying" comment was made in this video......

I can think of many other keyboardists whose picture SHOULD have been shown.

Just my .02

Jeremy R
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Still worse than Wakeman,

Still worse than Wakeman, there is Jordan Rudess. But people don't know him as well as Wakeman.

What other keyboardists are you thinking of?

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Is it relevant to the topic?

I question the inclusion of the comment, as it appears to appeal to bias, which really has no place in a professional production environment. If keyboard virtuosity is not your thing, then don't take the gig.

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It was and is certainly not our intention to cause offense but Rick is obviously somewhat synonymous with a 'more rather than less' style of playing so, slightly unkind juxtaposition as it might seem, it was simply to illustrate what was meant by 'overplaying,' i.e. lots of notes. This is Rick's style and, aside from being truly spectacular, obviously it works very well for him (and Jordan Rudess, and most other prog-style players). In general, though, less is more when it comes to 'keyboard' parts for most styles of modern music aside from the aforementioned progressive rock plus of course jazz. Rick is an old mate and I'm sure his hide is tough enough to absorb the reference in good humor.

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one million notes for rick

overplaying IS a problem with a lot of keyboard players (but let's be fair... also with a lot of guitar players), and the visual for overplaying is just perfect... I had a good laugh!

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Too many notes

Attention-seeking bass players who used 'too many notes' were an occasional problem for me. Overplaying within an arrangement that really doesn't call for every second to have every flavour of sound in it does happen and needs to be dealt with before the wheels fall of the production. In jazz, giving everyone some space to do their bit seems to work well.

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I've even known some drummers to overplay!! Point is that it can be a problem no matter what the instrument.


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I found it rather funny as

I found it rather funny as well. I don't think it was their intent to offend people. It's true though- with keyboarding, less is more. I play keys sometimes for bands and they really like what I do because I don't overuse my instrument. Keep it simple!

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