Second batch of videos launching

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We have started to upload the second series of videos to the site. These include:

Digital Audio & Computers
Studio Acoustics

Those who have pre-ordered the DVD will automatically be able to download each new section as its upload is complete. Those who purchased the initial 6-pack and who scored enough Quiz Points for a free one may now claim it on one of the new sections. Quizzes for the new sections will be upload shortly.

As soon as all of the above are posted we will open another '6-pack' pricing option to purchase all six sections. Until then, videos can be purchased individually for streaming or download.

The upload of this second batch may not conclude until Monday and we appreciate everyone's patience and understanding at this time. We hope everyone will enjoy the second 'batch' of videos as much as we enjoyed making them and as much as they did the first.

Alan and the team would like to wish you all a very Happy Valentines Day for this Sunday.

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Which videos remain to be uploaded?

I finally see the studio acoustics section uploaded on the site! Yay! Thank you for finally posting this one. Downloading it now.

But how soon until Bass and Monitoring are finished uploading? I'm anxious to watch them.

Also, on the homepage I'd thought that the sections not greyed out were completed and available, but I don't see the interview series (Studio Stories) for download. Are they actually not available yet?

Could you list exactly which videos are still not complete for us to know for sure?

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Batch 2 upload complete

Hopefully all will now be clear! All six new sections are up and we have updated all graphics to reflect that.

We hope you will soon be enjoying the new material.

Right now, Studio Stories is just available for free streaming but you are not alone in requesting that these are also made available for download. Now Batch 2 is up we'll look at that, for sure.