Alans Choice of DAW

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Hi, first off i would like to say well done on the first batch of episodes, i have enjoyed them very much. They have been entertaining, educational and funny. Like someone else has said on this forum, its like having Alan coming into my home and having a personal chat about his knowledge and experience of recording.

I have a question about the Daw he is using, mainly Steinburg's Cubase. I was surprised not to see Protools being used as it is regarded as an industry standard and I am wondering was cubase chosen because its Alan preferable DAW, or because it is a widely used in many home studio's or maybe because Steinburg are one of the main sponsors of the project (as are UA, also seen used extensively in the films) ?

As a user of Cubase and Nuendo, it pleases me to see it there so much, i'm just curious...

Also which version of Cubase is Alan using in the films?

Thanks again and i'm looking forward to watching the other episodes as they come (soon i hope)

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DAW platform

Thanks for the kind words. We very much appreciate that people are appreciating the huge amount of work that has gone into this series.

Alan has been a Steinberg user for many years now. As a point of interest he and I used Pro 24 on a session in the mid 1980s, which was, I believe, one of the first pro sessions to use Steinberg software at the time. I recall us frequently having to call Charlie Steinberg to figure stuff out!

But you're absolutely right. ProTools is a studio staple and in fact you will see ProTools in action in the sections that are coming up. Specifically, ProTools was used for the tracking session of the new Alan Parsons track All Our Yesterdays, which was written and recorded specifically for this series. You will also see ProTools is use on the Mixing section.

At the Keyfax studios, which was used for most of the technical shoots (EQ, Delays, Reverb, Compression etc etc) we used Cubase 5. Although Alan is/was a Nuendo user, since Cubase 4 the Cubase platform has encompassed all the tools and resolution people need for music production while Nuendo, as I'm sure you're aware, has moved further and further into post-production and the film world so he's tended to stick with Cubase.

Julian C., producer.


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Audio Interface

Were the Steinberg interfaces used for the demos or were you
using the Yamaha 02 or a combination or some other combination?
I was surprised by the clarity of the Steinberg preamps in the
choir video, and wondered if that was a one off or if they were used
extensively. Thank you.