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Welcome Music Connection Readers!

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Sections Available In This Offer

  1. EQ (37 Mins)
    EQA large part of being able to conduct a good recording is knowing how to listen. This section not only provides fact-based answers as to EQ frequencies and the various ways they can be adjusted, it also gives you tools that you can use to train yourself how to ‘hear’ more analytically. Select Section

  2. Compressors And Limiters (31 Mins)
    This is a complex topic, and one frequently misunderstood and argued about. Alan defines terms, explains parameters, provides instrument-by-instrument examples, and then explains the consequences. Universal Audio’s Bill Putnam Jr. is interviewed, plus there are wonderful insights into use and misuse from Steve Marcantonio, Niko Bolas, John Fields, and Allen Sides. Select Section
  3. Noise Gates (22 Mins)
    The Plain Jane (or Wayne!) of the studio has more tricks up its sleeve than you’d think. ASSR finds the man who invented the noise gate (and who sold Frank Zappa his first studio) and moves on from there. Select Section
  4. Reverb (22 Mins)
    This section traces the history and progress in artificial reverb technology, then takes a parameter-by-parameter look at digital reverb settings, hardware and software reverb products, and application of reverb to individual instruments and entire mixes. Interview clips from Elliot Scheiner, John Shanks, and others complete this highly revealing section.Select Section
  5. Delays (18 Mins)
    Alan ParsonsTracing its development from tape echo in the 1950s, Alan looks at all aspects of delay, including modern delay devices, parameters and applications. An extended free-form section where Alan twists, turns, and distorts (in a good way!) delay effects on vocals is a real crowd-pleaser. Select Section


  6. Band Tracking Session (22 Mins)
    Alan Parsons Alan wrote a brand new ‘Alan Parsons’ track for this DVD set and this section offers a fly-on-the-wall seat in the studio. How does Alan turn a drum loop and chord sequence into a song? What’s the value of a ‘live’ band tracking session, where musicians actually get to play together? What are the issues? All and more are revealed in this section featuring Simon Phllips on drums, Nathan East on bass, Tim Pierce on guitar, and Rami Jaffee on piano.
    Select Section
  7. Vocals (47 Mins)
    VocalsRecording Vocals is definitely the most crucial – and can be the most complex – part of modern recording. This section looks at and talks with singers both experienced and inexperienced and vocal techniques from both singer’s and engineer’s perspectives. Priceless information here from Michael McDonald, Erykah Badu, and a raft of producers, engineers, and vocal coaches. Studio techniques such as vocal comping are looked at in detail.Select Section
  8. Internet Recording (15 Mins)
    VocalsRecording over the internet is widely acknowledged as the future of recording. Alan looks at one of the several current systems filmed during a vocal session. It’s 9AM for Alan in California while PJ, working from his own studio Michigan, is ready for lunch. And that’s just one of the issues.Select Section

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