Polk SDA-SRS 1.2's as monitors?

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Keep in mind my home studio also does double duty as my listening theater.

For simple stereo reproduction, I LOVE these speakers. Yeah, they are getting a bit long in the tooth, but I do love the sound.

In theory, they hit the requirements for a good monitor pair, good frequency range and response, accurate reproduction, and amazing seperation.... but it's that seperation that worries me. To achieve it, if you aren't familiar, the speakers do some freaky phase cancellation (ie. left pair has speakers that are 180 from right pair and vice versa). This makes placement touchy, too near left or right and the other speaker simply vanishes in the phase cancellation.

Of course, the other downside is that they are monsters standing about 5'8" and 200 or so lbs each... but hey, if I have the room for them....

Anyway, my concern is, by using these beasts as monitors, might I be missing, masking, or not accounting for something in the elaborate crossovers/phase cancellation that they utilize?

I just finished the 'monitors' section of the course and this is on my mind.

Currently I am second guessing my mixes by comparing to a decent set of headphones and all seems well, but as a novice engineer I would appreciate any ideas or pitfalls I might be missing in using these things as my main monitors. I didn't get these for a studio use, they are simply the best speakers I have and, as I said, SEEM to tick all the boxes on the list for good monitors.

I don't think they could be called 'near field monitors', and I am sure some of my neighbors would attest to that under oath ;)

not my exact pair, but good picture if you aren't familiar... fwiw, the inner set of 4 6" drivers are 180 out of phase with the outer 4 of the opposite in the pair. Great stereo seperation, but looking for concerns from more senior and experienced engineers might raise here in using these as monitors.