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Mr. Parsons, Its a pleasure to see you here. Thanks for your time. What is your practice regarding using multiple sets of montors in the studio? As a home studio owner, I don't have room for a set of "bigs" so I use a set of Mackie 824s, a set of NS10s and a set of small computer speakers. I use 824s for tracking and then bounce between the 3 for mixing. How many sets of monitors do you recommend having in a decent home studio and how do you use them for different tasks?
Thanks, Al

The availability of a given patchcord is inversely proportional to its need....

Alan Parsons
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YouTube Video Response

Of course, I am blessed with having big speakers and little speakers. I have B&W 802's. I'll give you a little tour of my studio here...

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Tell it like it is! :) I do

Tell it like it is! :) I do find much mastering has leaned toward the thinner range of the spectrum. If you have the chance to audition the album by Yello "Touch" (Dieter Meier / Boris Blank) I do not find any lack of wide bandwidth there. Very level.

One day Alan, I'd like you to call me or email. I would hope it can happen, even for a very few moments. I have a few things I'd like to go over with you in terms of a test pressing I have and a couple of other things of special interest to you. BTW, it would seem I have been here longer than you!! (Laughs)

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