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any suggestions to improve latency when you mic a piano ? How can this be minimized in a live situation?

thanks for your early reply

Sam Lopez

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Latency is a B****! to put it

Latency is a B****!
to put it kindly! =D

Personally Ive found the best thing to do is upgrade your computer! Faster CPU and RAM will have minor improvements, then you look at your Interface and how fast that is in conjunction with your computer, and so on.
Ive never actually recorded a full sized grand, but Ive had a short time with an old upright (horribly out of tune, but it was fun for some background parts). I didn't have any latency and my PC isn't the fastest.
Im no expert however, but Id guess start with killing background applications on your computer, then look at your computers processing speed and means to possibly improve it, then look at your Interface.

I do know however, that Sample rate and bit depth have a little part in it, I can get mild latency if Im at 96k and 24bit.
Hope I helped some!

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